Spanish Fans Would Soon Return To Stadium

Spanish Fans Would Soon Return To Stadium

Spanish Fans Would Soon Return To Stadium

It has been set By Javier Tebas that Fans would be able to return to stadiums in Spain by January 2021 to cheer up their teams.

While the world observes how scientists are doing studies about vaccines, with more and more hopeful messages, football is waiting anxiously for the return of fans.

The Premier League has already set a date for it, December in some parts of the country. And Javier Tebas of La Liga has wanted to put the spotlight on the month of January.

Asked by ‘La Sexta’ about when fans will return, the La Liga boss put the spotlight on January, when he thinks matches with fans can happen.

“Yes, we will have fans. We will start with a few, but yes, we will have fans. Let’s hope that by January”, Javier Tebas said when he was asked about when it will happen.

In the same way, Irene Lozano, president of the CSD, expressed, although with greater caution.

“I haven’t stopped dreaming about the return of fans. Fans are important for football and football is important for fans. I am hopeful that, with the vaccine on the horizon, we will be able to have spectators, or at least partially so, before the end of the season. I think that will be the case and that gives encouragement to everyone”, she argued

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