You Don’t Want To Know What Ronaldo’s Complaint Is About

You Don't Want To Know Ronaldo's Complaint Is About

You Don't Want To Know Ronaldo's Complaint Is About

Rio Ferdinand had disclosed in a recent interview, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Motivations and Also The Things He’s Most Concerned About.

Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United’s central defender from 2002 to 2014, met at Old Trafford with a young Cristiano Ronaldo who lived his maturation process there until reaching the top of world football winning his first Ballon d’Or in 2008.

Arriving in Manchester, after Ferguson decided to sign him after a preseason Sporting-United, he surprised everyone. “We knew he was talented but his mentality was different. An elite mind. I thought ‘wow’ …” says Rio on The Beautiful Game podcast .

To that “elite mentality, you had to add an ambition to get everything you could. ” This boy is not satisfied with scoring a goal to win Fulham at the last minute, he wants to do it in the Champions League final or with Portugal in the World Cup or the European Championship. The bar always went up and up, “acknowledged the central defender.

The most surprising thing is that other people’s criticism or the supposed lack of recognition is something that, to this day, still moves the Portuguese to excel. This was recognized in this program by his former partner, who seems incredible. “Now, I talk to him sometimes and I can’t tell you some of the things he complains about. He’s gotten to the top but he’s still worried about what people say about him and not having all the recognition he thinks he should have. But that is what makes her so, what makes her different from us, “says the English.

The striker has already returned to Turin

After days of trying to manage permits to return to Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo took his private plane in Madeira on Monday and traveled to Turin to rejoin training with Juventus as soon as he can. The bianconeri club is allowed to start this Tuesday but the Portuguese will have to respect a 14-day quarantine imposed to prevent new cases of coronavirus to all new travelers arriving in Italy, whether national or foreign.


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