Premier League Plans On Finishing League At A Different Location

Premier League Plans On Finishing League At A Different Location

Different Clubs In The Premier League met in Friday and reached and agreement at a neutral venue from 12th June. Which Would have to be approved by the governement.

Ex-Manchester United player Gary Neville has asked for the Premier League to be taken to a safe country to complete the 8 remaining matchdays.

In some declarations to the British channel ‘Sky Sports’, he explained that the current conditions in the United Kingdom aren’t adequate to resume the competition and if the Premier league wants to return at all they should consider doing so on foreign soil.

They could take the players, the televisions and the press out of the country, spend a week or two in quarantine and play the competition in a place where it has been proven that the virus can be controlled. There are a couple of sites in Europe without the coronavirus that can help the Premier League finish,”, Neville said.

In this regard, the Premier League clubs met on Friday and reached an agreement for the competition to return on 12th June, but with various conditions that will have to be approved by the government.

There will be 3 weeks of preparation and matches will be played in neutral venues in different parts of the country, which will be, of course, without fans.

Another of the matters that was spoken about has to do with the number of subs, which remains to be seen. The idea is that 5 can be made due to the volume of matches.


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