New Viral Video By YouTube Star, Moretoki – If Jesus Was Alive Today

Jesus AKA "Messiah"

Jesus AKA "Messiah"

Here is A New Video Which has become a social Media Sensation, where a guy was being interviewed and he introduced himself self as Jesus AKA “The Messiah”.

The new video has really caught the attention of many, some sees it as blasphemy while a whole lot of others find it to be just a random thing people do to make others happy.

Well, we at HeatUpJamz decided to bring up the video and know what you think about it, You can share your thoughts With Us In the Comment Section below.

Motoki Maxted Popularly known as Moretoki or MOJO, Is an American-Japanese YouTube Star and Actor, he was Born at Akran,Ohio  where he grew up and then moved to Japan where he lived there for three years. His has Japanese mother and also a sister. 

He has garnered over 1.6 million subscribers via his YouTube channel. He Makes Contents on comedic advice videos about relationships and other awkward daily struggles across his YouTube channels and that has been going really well for him so far.

In Moretoki’s YouTube Channel he described his content as “Ever Wonder What Jesus Would Be like if he was literally all be and living among us today?

Watch The Official Video Below And Share Your Thoughts as Well as Share to Family, Friends and Loved Ones To Also Share Their opinions;

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