Luis Suarez Is Now Fit To Resume Training At Barcelona

Luis Suarez Is Now Fit To Resume Training At Barcelona

Luis Suarez would be joining the others to continue the season as the Corornavirus pandemic has played in his favor.

The newspaper ‘AS’ claims Quique Setién will be able to count on Luis Suárez from day one after his recovery. He has been absent since Barcelona’s appearance in the Spanish Super Cup, event after which he decided to undergo surgery.

When Suarez decided to have surgery, after Barça was eliminated from the Super Cup, it seemed that he would miss the rest of the season, but the coronavirus has played in his favor.

Suarez rushed his options during the hiatus, and now it looks like he will be able to play the rest of the season, no matter how and when he plays.

“For us, there is a lot of hope that it is going to be a great signing. Up until now there was a winter market and a summer market; now there is a lockout market,” said, jokingly, Eder Sarabia.

“We have this hope that it will be a great addition. We’ve seen him wor with Juanjo. The other day I was watching on ‘Barça TV’ all the goals he has scored in Barça and I was drooling,” he added.

Enjoy His reappearance is just around the corner, but he will have to be careful while regaining his confidence, as one always does after knee surgery.

Setién, for his part, warned of the danger of returning too soon. “The virus has not been the same in all countries, and decisions are being made according to the reality of the country, as interpreted by its rulers,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to finishing. I wouldn’t like to win the championship this way. But if it can’t go on, it would be common sense for it to stay the same. We have to complete the championship if the health circumstances are right,” he added.

Likewise, the Cantabrian said he was worried about the state of mind of his pupils. “We will really see how the players are when we start contacting them personally,” he explained.

“And we will see how we are adjusting to the new regulations. Our sport has been one of contact and now we’ll go through a stage where you can’t interact. It opens a door that nobody has opened. You’re going to get to the Sports City and we don’t know if there will be fear or not. There are uncertainties”, he said, to finish.


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