Liverpool Fans Are Back At Anfield

Liverpool Fans Are Back At Anfield

After playing alone for over 9 months, The reds finally gets excited as their Anthem was sang by their fans in their return to Premier League.

Liverpool faced a more special match than expected against Wolves in the Premier League. The club, at last, and after 270 days of waiting, had fans in the stands. A reduced percentage that the Reds were grateful for when they took to the field.

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A great atmosphere if we compare it to previous matches during the pandemic. But those few Liverpool supporters multiplied by hundreds when the long-awaited anthem of the English outfit was played.

A ‘You’ll never walk alone’ after almost 9 months without being able to enjoy it at Anfield. One more than special. Like the one that they belted out after becoming European champions in 2018.

A way of being able to express the powerlessness left by COVID-19 for not being able to accompany their team for so long. An acapella song that makes your skin stand… in a year that few will forget.

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