La Liga Refuse Football Would Return On 20th June

La Liga Refuse Football Would Return On 20th June

The announcement made by Leganes manager, Javier Aguirre has been denied as Ramon. Fuentes in ‘Sport’ has said its a false source.

Leganés manager, Javier Aguirre, seemed to reveal a secret when he affirmed in ‘Marca’ that La Liga will return on 20th June and end on 26th July. However, La Liga soruces assured to ‘Sport’ that it is not the case at all.

The information from Ramón Fuentes, citing La Liga sources, speaks about there still not being a fixed date for the return, as this will depend on the next health alerts.

In fact, the body’s interest is now focussed on the testing of teams and their gradual return to training.

However, the dates that Aguirre noted are not at all misguided, as they fall into the bracket that La Liga are managing and would respect the 72-hour break between games.


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