Eminem Gives Out $20K Ultra-Rare Jordan 4S, For Covid-19 Relief

Eminem Hives Out $20K Ultra-Rare Jordan 4S, For Covid-19 Relief

Eminem is doing his best to help out during this this global pandemic, bidding goodbye to an Extremely rare and expensive pair of his Jordan 4s for Covid-19 Relief.

The Rap God announced the gesture Wednesday … saying he had an extra pair of his highly coveted Jordan 4 Retro “Carhartt x Eminem” kicks lying around … so he teamed up with shoe auction site StockX to raise money for the good cause.

So … what makes these shoes so damn expensive?? Back in 2015, Em and the Jumpman made just 10 (TEN!!!) pairs available for bidding on eBay, with proceeds going to the Marshall Mathers Foundation.

Ever since, only a few pairs have made it to family and friends … but for the most part, normies have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting their hands on them.

In fact, the pairs that have made it to resale are going for INSANE numbers … ranging from $20-$28k on StockX.

To make Em’s gesture even sweeter, he’s throwing in a vintage “Detroit Slim” shirt on top of the Js … with the proceeds for the combo going to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Each ticket for the auction is worth $10 … which is a helluva lot cheaper than $20k, but ya gotta have luck on your side.


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