Crown Of Clay Lyrics By Vector & M.I Abaga Ft. Pheelz

Vector, MI Abaga – Crown Of Clay Ft. Pheelz Lyrics

Vector, MI Abaga – Crown Of Clay Ft. Pheelz Lyrics

READ Crown Of Clay Lyrics By Vector & M.I Abaga Below;

M.i Abaga – My Father Told Me When I was Around The day he took me to the river set me down to pray right there in the water to the sound of cane from the mud he fashioned me a “Crown Of Clay”. It’s One That one can never take the sound away took me to the water set me down to pray and right there by the river to the sound of pain from the mud he fashioned me.

Vector: Welcome To Bloodline Of Black kings, Black Sins, The Black Church, Black Thoughts, Uganda, Bobby Wine, Magazines, Newsflash but old news like sins we can’t speak judge me My Gees Ahn Soro Soke Shey Gbo Loke Fight Me But you can’t hold the voices some of them go burst way too many voices this is clubhouse an African And I’m blessed, I hold it down even when I face the stress the kind of punches wey fit make your face press and if this life is a bitch then this is a sex its big dick energy when I flex flex, I think them scared Of me it’s my guess but what’s beef to a man from the west? Power to man with the chest? Treasure wey u carry deep within but society is getting in between the thing long like many limousines but I dey king no dey Japa, people of Opobo this king is Jaja story of a slave to a king a barrack boy way dey relate many things no be asha way fight many Queens. You see this Crown Of Clay Is really A Thing.

Interlude: Instincts only got the crown in. My system many water pass way for Drown me nothing shake the strength of a black in me, Blood Of My Forefathers In Me.

Steady Chasing Paper On a Daily, Orisirisi na hin make me crying but ideshi dey for my back skin…….



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