Chris Brown And Young Thug Release Their Joint Mixtape “Slime & B”

Chris Brown And Young Thug Release Their Joint Mixtape "Slime & B"

Chris Brown And Young Thug Have finally put out their Joint Mixtape titled “Slime & B”.

While we genuinely don’t know what to expect from this one, having heard little in the way of previewed music, it’s exciting to see what the duo have been concocting in the booth.

Especially given that both parties are extremely versatile; should the occasion call for it, Thugger can sing his heart out as effectively as Breezy can lay down some bars.

Though there are still a few days until the big release, Chris Brown took it upon himself to reveal the tracklist on his Instagram page — although he has opted to keep the inevitably features under wraps for the time being. Judging by the titles alone, the project will likely feature a few debaucherous anthems, with “Go Crazy,” “She Bumped Her Head,” and “City Girls” fitting that particular bill. If we’re lucky, however, Slime & B will be a diverse project, showcasing a range of talents from both Thugger and Chris.

Check out the tracklist below, and look for additional details — namely album artwork and guest appearances — to surface in the days to come. What are your expectations of Slime & B?

Slime & B Mixtape Tracklist;


  1. Say You Love Me
  2. Go Crazy
  3. Trapback
  4. I Got Time
  5. She Bumped Her Head
  6. Big Slimes
  7. I Ain’t Tryin
  8. Animal
  9. City Girls
  10. Stolen
  11. Undrunk
  12. No Such Thing
  13. Help Me Breathe


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