Barcelona Shuts Down All Its Academies In Canada

Barcelona Shuts Down All Its Academies In Canada

The Club which is being championed by BCN Sports has announced that they would be shutting down their five actice academy and also put a stop to their sixth project.

The Barça Academy in Canada have been forced to shut down . The company that started the project since 2013, BCN Sports, has announced that it will close the five training centers it had in Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, in addition to not continuing with the project of a sixth soccer school in Calgary, according to Palco23 .

The company has been affected by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the closure has been one of the consequences . According to Palco23, Barcelona only charged a fee for the use of its brand and the training of coaches that it sent to each school, leaving management to the company.

Now, these closings could pose a problem in which the image of the culé club in Canada would be affected. According to Palco23, BCN Sports is looking for solutions for children who have been left without a team, but several families assure that, with the academy already closed, they continued to collect receipts, reaching a total estimated at 200,000 euros, and have decided to file a collective lawsuit.

This company is part of those that manage Barcelona’s network of academies worldwide, which has more than 50 schools as well as campuses and clinics.

According to Palco23, the relationship between BCN Sports is at risk. In addition to these academies in Canada, it also manages several in Australia, New Zealand and China.


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